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  Our Grand Pavilion is the flagship of our unique Tent Range

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Looking for a wedding pole tent or marquee hire to complement your forthcoming event   Our epic style sailcloth tents are built to offer you something unique and different from a normal marquee


Each and every Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric


Our pole tents can accommodate any sized event, from a Summer Ball to a Corporate Event to a 600+ guest outdoor Wedding Reception.


At 60ft in width, the Grand Pavilion with a style that will set your celebrations apart from more traditional designs


Please review our vast tent | marquee hire inventory and call us for a FREE QUOTE


Your wedding or event will shine in a Epic Style Sperry | Sailcloth pole wedding tent from Carnival


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Plenty of marquee companies up & down the land offer serviceable marquee and tent hireThat's Not our Territory If , however you're searching for impeccably designed and unique constructed wedding tents and marquees We specialise in creating customized venues from scratch – in fields and paddocks, on farms and wedding venues, and everywhere in between WE'RE YOUR DESTINATION for the hire of Architecturally styled Wedding Tents with Sculpted peaks Perfect For Weddings.Let’s get started! Get A Quote Online Now for your Wedding Marquee Whether you are planning a large-size wedding party covered with a sperry tents as a centerpiece feature. Beautifully crafted for a vintage feel There are also many ways you can style your Epic style pole Sailcloth Tent engineered and styled for to a superior standard . It offers an attractive reinforced roof with roof swoops between timber king poles and is topped by Pennant flags atop each peak are part of the look. Sail Away with are range of Unique Style Wedding Tents with High Turrets from Carnival Marquees the classic all-white tent in a wide varied widths for a striking look. With nautical flair

Architecturally styled Wedding Traditional Pole Tents Attention for Detail We're Your Final Destination for Signature Pole Epic Wedding Tents covering and beyond Worcestershire | Herefordshire | Wiltshire | Cotswolds | Gloucestershire | Berkshire | Northamptonshire | Oxfordshire | Warwickshire | Shropshire | Wales | Wiltshire | Hampshire Interested in our tents and want to find out more? We look forward to working with you on your dream wedding or special occasion. To get started, view and find the right Tent for you .Let’s get started! We are happy to help walk you through the logistics and create a complimentary quote. Let’s get started! Make your outdoor wedding or event supremely elegant and truly memorable. We look forward to working with you on your dream wedding or special occasion. To get started, view and find the right Epic Sperry Tent for you.Carnival Marquees , we’re more than just those “tent guys” we’re your tent partner request a marquee package .Contact us: 01684 567348