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Search for a Sail Tent  for your Wedding Day. … Sperry Pole and Sailcloth marquees for all events across your area
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Just because your event is outdoors – taking advantage of all of the beautiful scenery available throughout – doesn’t mean your guests have to be uncomfortable. corn matting and various lighting options are the primary focus

Take a look at all the Bells and Whistles we can offer you, from festoon walkways to fabulous fire pits, we have lots of great ways to enhance your event

We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by their prices too.  All in all, a winning combination!

We specialise in the hire of utterly gorgeous bespoke Sail Tents – stunning alternatives to a traditional marquee !

Sail Tent Marquee Company Best in the Field Sailcloth Wedding Tents Whether you are planning a formal country garden wedding or something a little more relaxed and bohemian Traditional Sailcloth Tents and Marquees signature sperry wedding pole tents and marquees. award winning marquees