Planning Your Event

Organising your own outdoor wedding or event can be overwhelming, especially as there are so many marquee companies out there telling you different things.

Do I need a Site Visit?

When to Book

Tent availability depends on the date you’ve chosen for your wedding/event During the busiest months, you’ll want to reserve your tent as soon as possible, as last-minute plans may mean the Sail Tent Marquee Company is completely sold out. Get a quote contact and discuss the equipment you’ll need as soon as you’ve chosen your date. You’ll need to pay a nonrefundable deposit to hold the tent.

If you’re still in the early planning stages, then enjoy our Photos

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Over the thirty years, our tents have graced manicured lawns, rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and wide-open vistas. We’ve taken everything our wonderful climate can throw at us and – we’re still delivering and erecting tents

Organizing your own outdoor wedding or event can be overwhelming, especially as there are so many marquee companies out there

In order to decide whether you do need one please just take a few minutes to consider whether your site meets the following criteria. If it does then a site visit is not necessary, if you are unsure of anything please give us a call or drop us an email citing your concerns and we will have a chat with you and if needs are arranged to come and see the site.

Utilize the entire property

What The Sail Tent Marquee Company Company Needs to Know

When you decide to hire a tent, a representative of the Carnival will come to survey the site. They’ll measure the total available space and any grade change (if the space you’re tenting is sloped in any way), note the type of surface it will be on, and measure for any connecting canopies you’d like to install between tents or between a tent and a building. They’ll also look for overhead obstructions, such as tree branches or power lines, and indications of any underground utility lines.


  • the location for the tent/marquee should be a flat, level surface with no protrusions and no overhanging trees or other obstruction
  • the ground should be  suitable for taking 3ft tent pegs
  • the ground should not be flooded or impervious to water
  • the ground should have no underground power or utility services within three feet of the surface.
  • the grass will be cut so as to be no more than 2 inches long.
  • there is a safe means of access both to the site and to within the tent(s) location for vehicles
Don’t let a few potential raindrops get you down

Searching for a marquee company you probably noticed that there is a huge number to choose from. We are proud to say that Carnival Marquees | The Sail Tent Marquee Hire Company, established in 1990; and now with almost endless events covered through Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire & Wales

With weddings that stretch far into the night, it’s important to illuminate your tent enough so that guests don’t feel as if they can no longer be in the space. “Whether string lights, large bulbs, or lit installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial for events that will continue after the sun sets NEXT

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