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Triple peak. 120ft x 60ft

The Pinnacle SAIL TENTS

“This Pinnacle Sail Tent made a serious statement,”

The Pinnacle is the largest in the Flagship fleet. It has three center poles and stretches across 120 feet in length. This tent is big enough to cater to large corporate events and wedding numbers in excess of 400 guests while still allowing room for a dance floor, lounge and bar area if required. This utterly impressive tent has all the exquisite detailing unique to the Sail Tent just on a much grander scale.

Selecting an event tent goes beyond size and guest count. Choosing the style and quality of a tent is just as important as selecting an indoor venue that resonates. A tent needs to be a visually appealing backdrop, one that photographs well and complements both lighting and décor. The detailed craftsmanship of our canopies is purposeful and reflects the importance of any well-documented occasion.” NEXT

The high sides which can be covered or left open as required, provide for perfect sightlines and extended views whether standing or seated within the tent
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“This Pinnacle Sail Tent made a serious statement,”

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