Sperry Sailcloth Tents for any Occasion

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Sail Away Aboard an Elegant Wedding Sail Tent

Dress the poles ” Take full advantage of the unique features of such as the poles. ” Traditional tent timber king poles are a florist’s dream as they can be dressed and transformed in so many ways

Traditional sail tents with a bat-wing back ridge line and bat wing scalloped edging, All Sail Tents from little to large come with flags at the top of each peak that ripple in the wind to catch your guests eye

We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices too.  All in all, a winning combination!

Our stunning handcrafted sailcloth tents with sweeping canopy supported by natural wooden poles create a signature look

Sail Tent Marquee Company Best in the Field Sailcloth Wedding Tents Whether you are planning a formal country garden wedding or something a little more relaxed and bohemian Traditional Sailcloth Tents and Marquees signature sperry wedding pole tents and marquees. award winning marquees