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We greatly enjoyed having the marquee at our wedding and we’ll be sure to recommend you when and where possible.
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Triple peak. 80ft x 40ft

Suitable for: 150 guests

40ft x 80ft | 12m x 24m

  • Larger weddings 3200 sqft
  • Private parties
  • Events requiring space for a band and dance floor

Its soaring canopy makes it feel like it is higher than it is wide. Being within the perimeter of its beautiful Spruce timber outer poles gives you a feeling of being cocooned inside a very special place anticipating a very special event. It comes with a complete set of sidewalls that can be zipped shut or rolled up out of view.

The three long flags fluttering from the exterior tips of the Beacon Sail Tent suggest for miles around, that something special is about to happen beneath that canopy. The Beacon is beautifully balanced and proportioned combining the elegance of the Gatsby era with a classic simplicity that requires the simplest of finishing touches to create an unforgettable event.

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