“Sail tents have such beautiful high peaks that shouldn’t go unnoticed,”

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We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by their prices too.  All in all, a winning combination!

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Over the thirty years, our tents have graced manicured lawns, rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and wide-open vistas. We’ve taken everything our wonderful climate can throw at us and – we’re still delivering and erecting tents

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Tent availability depends on the date you’ve chosen for your wedding. During the busiest months, you’ll want to reserve your tent as soon as possible, as last-minute plans may mean The Sail Tent Marquee Company is completely sold out. Get a quote contact and discuss the equipment you’ll need as soon as you’ve chosen your date. You’ll need to pay a nonrefundable deposit to hold the tent.

For couples that want to set the tone for their wedding in a bold way, hiring a

Wedding Sail Tent with an impressive presence.

Universally admired for their durability, functionality, and overall uniqueness, tents can offer a plethora of playful design options to any outdoor wedding space. Whether white, clear or colorful, these resilient structures make for a stylish addition to cocktail hour, an outdoor ceremony, or al fresco reception

for Your Wedding Day, The initial step in a tented wedding is figuring out the right tent size for your reception. whether you need a dance floor or a stage for a live band, and if you have any additional space requirements (buffet tables, lounge area, etc.). One large reception tent to hold dinner and dancing is a classic arrangement; however, some couples choose different size tents for different purposes, creating a series of destinations for their guests. Experience the exclusive difference today. Range of tents.

If you’re still in the early planning stages, then enjoy our portfolio gallery

One of the most beloved aspects of wedding tents are that they’re often totally customizable, unlike the interior decor of a ballroom or landscaping of a garden. You can make it what you want. A tent provides a blank canvas for flowers, lighting, table arrangements, and monogrammed dance floors. Plus, who doesn’t want to dance under the stars as you boogie into the night?

If this all sounds like a go and you’re ready to pitch the biggest party of your life, here is a primer on wedding tent styles to consider when designing the look and feel of your wedding. The Beacon

With your surroundings proving a significant influence on your overall theme and tented design, why not bring elements of nature into the interior of your day-of space? “We love to add natural components to our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in NEXT

Sail Tent Marquee Company Best in the Field Sailcloth Wedding Tents Whether you are planning a formal country garden wedding or something a little more relaxed and bohemian Traditional Sailcloth Tents and Marquees signature sperry wedding pole tents and marquees. award winning marquees